2x2 publishes resources designed for use in small congregations.

  • ​They can be used and implemented as easily by lay leaders as pastors.
  • They are priced inexpensively and for the entire congregation—not per person.


AND get I Am Only the Messenger for free.

74-page book filled with ideas for engaging the entire congregation in hearing and learning THE WORD.

  • 12 Sermons geared to Lectionary texts for Years A, B, and C.
  • 2 Generic Sermons​
  • Links to Additional Resources
  • Link to online resource page to download images, online content and bulletin covers
  • 2x2's Four-Act Advent Play (FREE with purchase)​

$4.75 per congregation

Five-act play written for a 7-member cast. Each act calls for only two or three cast members, making it easier to schedule rehearsals.

  • Flexible staging. No elaborate props or costuming.
  • Suitable for chancel plays each Sunday of Advent or for one longer performance (approximately 60 minutes).​


Welcome Is A Verb! is a three-module training to help congregations create an intentional evangelism plan with the resources they already have.

Evangelism is often taken for granted. Members think the pastors are responsible. Pastors think members should work harder at it. THE RESULT: We tend to hang a welcome sign by the door and go about business as usual.

We can't take welcoming for granted any longer.

Declining statistics have worn down morale. Changing demographics, culture and expectations create daunting challenges. Often small congregations don't know where to begin. Yet small churches have a lot to offer. We just need a plan!

Welcome Is A Verb! provides an Intentional Plan for Church Growth ​

MODULE ONE starts by assessing every aspect of current church culture as it affects our ability to reach out.

MODULE TWO provides a checklist to help congregations see their ministry through the eyes of outsiders. 

MODULE THREE contains practical ideas for crafting an intentional and measurable welcoming plan with the resources on hand.